Virtues: Realization of the Best in You


  • Codice EAN/ISBN: 978-88-213-1509-1
  • Num. Collana: 73
  • Collana: Nuova Biblioteca di Scienze Religiose
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2021
  • Pagine: 198

Who is a good man? Who is a good woman? 

How can a person become good? How can a person become holy?

In this book, the author reflects anew on the role of virtues in the journey to becoming more human, and to becoming holy. He demonstrates that the cultivation of virtues is the way to realize the best in every human being. When holiness increases, the world becomes a better place for all and when individuals become good, they grow more and more into the image of God who is all good and all holy. Drawing upon resources from a variety of disciplines like philosophy, psychology, literature and theology, the author presents very compelling arguments to show that the cultivation of virtues (good habits) is the way to move from who we are to the excellence of who we could be. 

This is a book that must be read and studied by everyone who seeks after excellence and holiness in life. Every young person who seeks to find pleasure in the right things and to experience pain in evil things with the view to form a good character will find in this book clarity of thought and umpteen sources of motivation. Educators and parents who seek to nurture excellence in their wards will find this book a veritable treasure.

Fr. Biju Michael, sdb
, is an internationally published author of several scholarly articles and books. He taught Moral Theology in the Salesian Pontifical University’s Jerusalem Campus in Israel and in Sacred Heart Theological College, Shillong, India. He has taught Philosophy in the Salesian College, Dimapur, India. After serving as President of the Salesian Pontifical University’s Jerusalem Campus for two terms, he served as Registrar of the Assam Don Bosco University, India. Currently he is a member of the General Council of the Salesians of Don Bosco and continues to reflect and teach on themes of significant importance in empowering the young people to realize the best in each of them.