Peter Gonsalves

  • Codice EAN/ISBN: 978-88-213-1490-2
  • Num. Collana: 6
  • Collana: Pubblicazioni del CENTRO STUDI DON BOSCO - Studi e Strumenti
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2022
  • Pagine: 470


Don Bosco is popularly admired and known around the globe as a saint, priest, father, friend and teacher of youth. This book investigates, perhaps for the first time, the peace traits he imbibed and nurtured and the peace culture he displayed. To confirm the validity of this curious yet unique choice, the author adopts an unconventional approach with three separable yet interconnected research trends. The first presents Don Bosco’s peace response to twenty conflicts in his own life. The second seeks to expand the popular understanding of peace to embrace the scientifically accepted notion proposed by Johan Galtung, and to test participant perceptons about Don Bosco’s peace traits. The final study, the major part of the book, explores the personal, social, political, cultural and transcen­dental aspects of Don Bosco’s peace culture thereby highlighting its universal and ever-relevant applicability.