Saint Francis de Sales. A Program of Integral Formation

WIRTH Morand

  • Codice EAN/ISBN: 978-88-213-1485-8
  • Num. Collana: 5
  • Collana: Studi e Strumenti
  • Anno di pubblicazione: 2022
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In the wake of Renaissance humanism, St Francis de Sales developed a pastoral rather than theoretical program of education and integral formation of the person. Every human being is called to perfect themself in all their dimensions as an individual: the bodily senses, the passions and affections of the soul, the spiritual faculties of memory and intellect, and especially the heart, the seat of the will and freedom.
As someone immersed in society, St Francis de Sales shows himself to be attentive to the promotion of the dignity of each individual be it in the family, in social relationships, at work, in leisure time or in the service of country. Finally, St Francis de Sales cannot think of the person without an openness to transcendence. His program is original in this area too: he has a positive image of a God who attracts the human being while respecting our freedom; the devotion he promotes is a “civil devotion”; moreover, the love of God is to be lived in daily life, while love of one’s neighbour is characterised by “gentleness”, the flower of charity. St Francis de Sales program is an antidote against a one-dimensional formation that neglects the multiple resources of human nature.

Translation and Typesetting: Direzione Generale Opere Don Bosco in collaboration with Australia-Pacific and Korea Province.